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    Grid Rollers are the heavy hitters of the Broons towed roller range. Designed to fracture and reduce oversize rock and compact it for gravel road construction.  

    With a compaction width of 1.8 metres, the Broons Grid Rollers come standard with a huge 14 tonne capacity, able to both crush and compact in one single pass making them the backbone of gravel road construction.

    The removable ballast bins can be filled or emptied at will, or permanently filled and capped from the factory.


    The optional offset drawbar is ideal for keeping the windrow away from the towing tractor to minimise damage and provide a smoother ride for the operator.

     The mining industry also utilises the Broons grid roller for reduction of sharp spill rock which can cause premature tyre failures in haul trucks. Used to comb haul roads, pit floors and tip heads the BH-14 performs round the clock mining maintenance duties. 

    With a gusseted main chassis, adjustable cone scrapers and quality cast grid rings, the Broons grid roller is effective, reliable and uncomplicated to run. 

    Broons also offer a grid ring replacement program and a re knuckling service for rings worn beyond good productivity.




    Tare Weight7,000kg
    Maximum Ballasted Weight14,000kg
    Solid Ballast Capacity7,200kg
    Number of Ballast Bins4
    Overall Width - Grid Rings1800mm
    Static Linear Load88kg/cm
    Number of Grid Rings2

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    Our cabin operated offset hydraulic drawbar keeps the tractor to one side of the rocky windrow. A more comfortable ride for the operator and less potential damage for the towing tractor.