Specialist crushing & compaction machines

Founded in 1973, the Broons name is synonymous with quality and innovation. Specialist crushing and compaction machines that are world leaders in their class continue to be manufactured by Broons.The unique nature of the equipment has won Broons acclaim both throughout Australia and Internationally from Government, Consultants, Engineering Professionals, Farmers, Contractors and by those who use them and work on them, the Operators and Mechanics.

Impact Roller

Broons Impact Roller
  • 8t - 12t modules
  • Modules 1.3m or 1.95m wide
  • Compaction depth up to 5m or more
  • Operates at 10 - 12 km/h
  • Can cover more than 3500 ²/hr

Kirpy BPB250

Kirpy BPB200
  • Working width of 1.8m to 2.7m
  • Operating weight between 2.35t - 5.4t
  • Operating speed 0.3 - 1.2 km/h
  • Output of 100m³/hr, or more
  • Crushes 500mm rock to 40mm minus


Broons eCombi Roller
  • Smooth drum & multi-tyre
  • Optional vibrating drum
  • Individual wheel bearings sealed for life
  • Rolling width of 2.0m
  • Weighs up to 8t when fully ballasted

Grid Roller

Broons Grid Roller
  • Compaction width from 1.8 to 3.6m
  • BH-14 weighs 14t, BH-26 weighs 26t
  • Optional hydraulic off-set draw-bar
  • Highly productive and robust
  • Simple to use, easy to maintain

Combination Roller

Broons Combination Roller
  • Smooth drum + multi-tyre combined
  • Grid roller + multi-tyre combined
  • Optional multi-tyre only
  • Rolling width of 1.83m
  • Operating weight up to 15.7t

Vibrating Roller

Broons Vibrating Roller
  • Smooth, padfoot or sheepsfoot drums
  • Operating weight from 5.5t to 16.3t
  • 100% of weight over the drum
  • Euro III compliant aircooled Deutz engine
  • Belt drive with centrifugal clutch