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    Developed as the simplest of towed multi-tyre rollers, the eTyre is a versatile general purpose roller. Able to be towed by either grader or tractor it is the perfect tool for both sandy soils, and road verge compaction.

    Nimble in its specifications, but able to impart 4 tonne when fully ballasted. The standard ballast box has a quick pin release for easy emptying and options include flashing amber safety light and solid filled tyres for puncture protection. 

    Standard with LED brake and indicator lights, the Broons eTyre is built to the highest of quality standards for decades of faithful service. 

    Gusseted main chassis, 2 pack paint and removal of individual wheel bearings make the eTyre as easy to maintain as it is to use. Affordable, efficient and rugged. 


    Tare Weight1,980kg
    Maximum Ballasted Weight4,000kg
    Solid Filled Tyre Weight470kg
    Solid Ballast Capacity1,500kg
    Compaction Width - Tyres2130mm
    Number of Tyres10

    Optional Extras

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    Warn oncoming traffic with a bright LED flashing amber light.
    For prevention of punctures, we highly recommend Solid Filled Tyres on any roller.
    Convert our standard ring feeder hitch to an articulated jaw hitch with the Swivel Hitch Adaptor.