Graderoll Duo Roller

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    The most sophisticated of our grader mounted rollers, the Graderoll Duo has a walking beam hydraulic side shift, allowing the roller to be pushed left of the grader for shoulder rolling. Not only does this protect the grader from obstruction on the verge, but it keeps the grader tyres from damaging the worked pavement.


    The Graderoll Duo also has three independent wheel groups that self adjust to the rake and undulations of the road -effectively ‘active suspension’ as the constant adjustment in pressure will maintain an compactive effort. Each group of tyres will push into holes and soft material while backing off over rises and hard ground. This achieves 100% compaction 100% of the time.

    Additionally the ripping of roads can still be performed with the roller attached. From rip to grade to roll, the Graderoll Duo offers a complete maintenance grading solution.


    Controlled via the ripper hydraulic circuit, all operations are performed from the comfort of the cabin. Once the work is complete, raise the ripper and tyres for easy highway travel back to the depot.


    Operating Weight2,190kg
    Solid Filled Tyre Weight625kg
    Compaction Width2320mm
    Number of Tyres12
    Length2960mm (includes 'J' hooks in ripper pocket)


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    Be prepared for punctures with a spare wheel to keep you rolling.
    LED brake and indicator lights with supporting brackets.