eCombi Roller

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    The revolutionary Broons cCombi Roller is ideal for patrol grading unsealed roads.

    Fitted with a centrally mounted steel roll drum and rear row of nine smooth tread compactor tyres, the eCombi can be rapidly deployed to any location.



    The eCombi Roller can be ordered with either a static smooth steel drum or vibrating drum operated from the hydraulics of the towing unit. The rear wheel assembly is raised or lowered hydraulically to suit the application of the machine, and we recommend solid filling the smooth tread compactor tyres to eliminate punctures. Each wheel is mounted on individual bearings (sealed for life) to eliminate scuffing of the freshly graded road surface when turning.


    Available with optional offset drawbar, electric/hydraulic disc brakes, grid drum, sign racks and more – the eCombi can be tailored to your exacting requirements.


    Tare weight5,230kg
    Maximum ballasted7,650kg
    Water ballast capacity1,950kg
    Solid filled tyre weight470kg
    Compaction width, roll drum2000mm
    Compaction width, tyres2080mm
    Static linear load26-38kg/cm
    Static weight per tyre405-595kg
    Number of tyres9


    Optional Extras

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    Warn oncoming traffic with a bright LED flashing amber light.
    Our lockable toolbox is the ideal compartment for tools, pegs and fishing bait!
    For prevention of punctures, we highly recommend Solid Filled Tyres on any roller.
    When you require the eCombi to track left of the tow vehicle, our Hydraulic Offset Drawbar is the option for you. Controlled via the cabin, it is ideal for shoulder work or woody narrow tracks.
    For times when recovering plant requires a secure attachment point, our jaw hitch recovery hitch has you covered.
    Replace your smooth steel roll drum with our optional grid roll drum. Excellent for slightly more course road base reduction. Comes with dedicated scraper plates. 
    Our larger 1500mm & 1600mm roll drum diameters give you an increased tare weight, and slightly raises chassis height. 
    Our electric/hydraulic disc brake option is the ultimate OH&S solution for undulating work zones. Electronically adjustable from an enclosed control box in the chassis, using premium discs and callipers. 
    Turn your maintenance grading eCombi into a construction roller with our vibrating drum option. Suitable for tractor tow vehicles with a minimum hydraulic flow of approximately 100 litres per minute.   
    Easily store your roadwork signage with these dedicated Sign Racks.
    Convert our standard ring feeder hitch to an articulated jaw hitch with the Swivel Hitch Adaptor. 
    Our machined drum option gives you a perfectly round rolling edge, guaranteeing 100% even compaction.