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    The Combination smooth steel drum and multi-tyre roller is the king of any road maintenance fleet. Designed for durability and long plant life, the heavy duty frame is able to be ballasted up to 14 tonne which makes it ideal for gravel road construction and maintenance.

    The hydraulically controlled locking mechanism reduces OH&S risks, while maximising productivity by eliminating stoppages. Sealed for life wheel bearings reduce daily maintenance to a minimum, while optional solid filled tyres will end costly puncture repairs and tyre pressure monitoring. 

    Our optional electric over hydraulic disc brakes enhance braking capacity, while the optional grid drum is ideal for reducing oversize road base for road construction. Towed by either grader or tractor, the Broons Combination Roller is the ultimate towed gravel road roller.  


    Broons’ combination rollers  have been efficiently maintaining Australian roads for more than 30 years, and our first ever roller – #1 – is still in service today. Weathered and scratched it may be, but the engineering brilliance of the roller means it still survives. 

    The time and care taken to build the our combination roller is directionally proportional to the quality and longevity of plant life that the market has come to expect from Broons.


    Tare weight7,500kg
    Maximum ballasted weight13,170kg
    Water ballast capacity1,670kg
    Solid ballast capacity4,000kg
    Solid filled tyre weight575kg
    Compaction width, roll drum1830mm
    Static linear load38-76kg/cm
    Static weight per tyre635-1,275kg
    Compaction width, tyres1830mm
    Number of tyres11



    Optional Extras

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    Keep your work zone signage packed out of harms way with our optional basic sign racks. Conveniently located at the rear of the roller for easy access. 
    Rear mounted tow hitch for towing of vehicles and trailers. Integrated design allows for tow ball or pintle style coupling.
    Never connect the wrong hoses again with our optional multi coupling plate. Single lever action cam locks and unlocks pre determined positions for hydraulic hoses and electrical cables.
    Minimise the build up of damp soil or sticky clay with our optional sprung drum scraper. The adjustable springs keep the pressure constant to maintain consistent scraping.
    Add a portable fire extinguisher to your roller for ease of access should the need arise. 
    Add welded in ballast at the time of manufacturing to properly add mass to your roller.
    If clay or mud is a problem, our adjustable front and rear tyre scrapers keep your combination roller clear of build up.
    Warn oncoming traffic with a bright LED flashing amber light.
    Replace your smooth steel roll drum with our optional grid roll drum. Excellent for slightly more course road base reduction. Comes with dedicated scraper plates. 
    Convert our standard ring feeder hitch to an articulated jaw hitch with the Swivel Hitch Adaptor. 
    Our machined drum option gives you a perfectly round rolling edge, guaranteeing 100% even compaction.
    Our reinforced heavy duty push bar option gives you the protection you need.
    Electric over hydraulic disc brakes ensure maximum braking capacity - Adjustable electronic controller, premium rotors and callipers. 
    Punctures and tyre pressures are a thing of the past with our solid filled tyre option. 
    For higher ripper positions and more ground clearance, our Goose Neck Drawbar option is ideal.
    Never be caught short with punctures, our drawbar mounted spare wheel option keeps you moving.
    For extra wear and tear our heavy duty 36mm roll drum skin is a smart option.