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    The BH-1300, with its 8 tonne 1.3m wide module, is the original machine developed to deliver rolling dynamic compaction. Significantly upgraded over the years by Broons at their South Australian factory, this work-horse of the fleet continues to deliver cost-effective compaction in a wide range of applications. 

    The BH-1300 HD, or Heavy Duty version, has several reinforced features making it ideal for more rugged applications. It has a 1.3m wide 12 tonne module, along with a heavy duty gusseted main chassis and upgraded linkage assembly that result in a more robust unit suited to high work loads or more aggressive material.

    Features                                        Applications              

    Hydraulic drum lift                                     Bulk earthworks              Pavement construction

    Secure ball coupling                                 Civil engineering             Sports facilities   

    Jack stand                                                 Engineered fill

    Low maintenance                                      Water storage

    With speeds of up to 12 kph, the depth and rate with which the impact roller compacts is the highest productivity solution available. Compacting loose fill for construction sites,  the islands of Dubai, international airports or Olympic stadiums –  all credited to the unique Broons square impact roller. 

    Ten years of collaboration with the Adelaide University School of Civil, Environmental & Mining Engineering has formed the backbone of further developments in RDC (rolling dynamic compaction), and the continued development of the Impact Roller design and application. More than 40 PhD students have contributed to this process with many published papers being presented at Australian and International Geomechanics Society conferences. A combination of field testing matched with finite element analysis in the laboratory have brought great advancements in the Broons product and knowledge of deep compaction.

    Extensive field testing with buried pressure cells are calibrated with scale models in the research facility. 


    BH 1300 Operating weight13,800kg
    BH 1300HD Operating weight18,180kg
    Drum width1300mm
    Number of drum faces4
    BH 1300 Drum module weight8,000kg
    BH 1300HD Drum module weight12,000kg
    Intended applicationUncontrolled fill, Soil/Clay/Rubble, Refuse
    BH 1300 Length4500mm
    BH 1300 Width2610mm
    BH 1300 Height1500mm
    BH 1300HD Length4790mm
    BH 1300HD Width2800mm
    BH 1300HD Height1500mm

    Technical Papers


    Use of Impact Roller to Reduce Agricultural Water Loss 2004 


    Advancements in Haul Road Construction & Maintenance 2020

    Mining Applications and Case Studies of RDC 2012

    Reducing Haul Road Maintenance Costs & Tyre Wear through RDC 2009 

    Infrastructure / Major Projects

    Case study of Ground Improvement at an industrial estate containing Uncontrolled Fill 2007

    Geotechnical Data Management of the New Doha International Airport Platform Reclamation 2007

    Six Sigma quality improvement of Compaction at the New Doha International Airport project 2006

    Effectiveness of Rolling Dynamic Compaction on an Old Waste Tip 2006 

    Advanced Geotechnical modelling and monitoring for Port Coogee Project 2006

    Use of Impact Roller in Site Remediation and Preparation for heavy duty Pavement Construction 2004

    Ground Improvement of Landfill site using the “Square” Impact Roller 2005

    Improving Pavemant Subgrade with the “Square” Impact Roller 2004

    Ground Improvement using the “Square” Impact Roller – case studies 2004


    Rolling Dynamic Compaction / Impact Rolling

    Influence of Towing Speed using RDC 2020

    Ground Response to Rolling Dynamic Compaction 2019

    Genetic Programming for predictions of RDC effectiveness with Dynamic Cone 2019

    Depth of influence of Rolling Dynamic Compaction 2019

    Effectiveness of RDC using Neural Networks & Cone Penetration 2019

    Physical modeling of Rolling Dynamic Compaction 2017 

    Predicting effectiveness of RDC using generic programming 2017

    Application of Artificial Neural Networks 2017

    Assessing the effectiveness of Rolling Dynamic Compaction 2013

    Quantifying the Zone of Influence of the Impact Roller 2012

    The Influence Zone of the Impact Roller 2011

    Impact Rolling in the Spectrum of Compaction Techniques and Equipment 2004

    Trials / Testing / Research

    Verification of an Impact Rolling Compaction trial using various in situ Testing Methods 2016

    Evaluating Rolling Dynamic Compaction of fill using CPT 2014

    3D treatment of MASW data for Monitoring Ground Improvement at an Uncontrolled Fill site 2013

    Use of Proctor Compaction Testing for Deep Fill Construction Using Impact Rollers 2012

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    Ground vibrations during Impact Rolling 2007

    Verification of the effects of Rolling Dynamic using Compaction using a continuous Surface Wave System 2006

    Evaluating the improvement from Impact Rolling on Sand 2005

    A note on Specifications for use of the Impact Roller for Earthworks 2004

    Trial Programme and recent use of the Imapct Roller in Sydney 2004















    Job Reports


    Adelaide Airport

    Airport Doha

    Port Darwin

    Port Dubai

    Port Outer Harbor

    Road Auckland

    Road Pt Noarlunga

    Power Station Pt Augusta

    Public Work Christmas Island

    Land Fill Canberra

    Industrial & Commercial

    Industrial Golden Grove

    Industrial London

    Industrial Osborne

    Commercial Fairfield

    Residential & Marina

    Reclaimed Doha Qatar

    Reclaimed Palm Jebel Ali Dubai

    Reclaimed Pt Coogee

    Cap Rock Qatar


    Water Storage Bourke

    Water Storage Warren

    Engineered Fill Eugowra

    Sporting Venues

    Uncontrolled Fill Nelson

    Uncontrolled Fill Townsville

    Underlying Fill Albury


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