1300MS & 1950MS

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    Broons manufactures two Mining Specification versions that have several special features focused on the delivery of cost savings at mine sites. The BH-1300MS has a module 1.3m wide weighing just over 8t.

    There is also the BH-1950MS, featuring a 1.95m wide module weighing in at 12 tonne. The MS models have extra wear plates added for increased durability. Also, the standard tyres are replaced with lugged mining tyres. Speeds and productivity are the same, although the application on mine waste tips and haul roads generally require fewer passes and therefore are much more productive, especially with the 1.95m wide BH-1950MS unit.

    Features                                       Applications              

    Hydraulic drum lift                                      Rock reduction

    Secure ball coupling                                  Haul roads  

    Jack stand                                                   Pit floors

    Low maintenance                                       Tip heads

    Reinforced frame                                        Tailings dams

    Heavy duty linkage                                    Waste dumps 

    Extra wear plates

    Lugged tyres                                 

    Used extensively to ‘rubbilise’ sharp oversize rock on tip heads, pit floors and haul roads. Maintaining the structural integrity of these transport routes is crucial to uninterrupted productivity and the safety of all mine workers. With smooth even roads, significant savings can be made on truck maintenance, fuel costs and most importantly – tyre wear and damage. Before and after rolling images clearly show the difference.

    Premature tyre failure costs are enormous in mining. The tightening of road infrastructure can pay large dividends to tyre costs, transport times and down time that occurs at failure. Nothing has come close to the Broons BH-1300MS and BH-1950MS in minimising these issues.




    BH 1300MS Operating weight14,300kg
    BH 1950MS Operating weight18,500kg
    BH 1300MS Drum width1300mm
    BH 1950MS Drum width1950mm
    BH 1300MS Drum module weight8,500kg
    BH 1950MS Drum module weight12,000kg
    Intended applicationUncontrolled fill, Soil/Clay/Rubble, Mining
    BH 1300MS Length4790mm
    BH 1300MS Width2610mm
    BH 1300MS Height1500mm
    BH 1950MS Length4790mm
    BH 1950MS Width3310mm
    BH 1950MS Height1500mm

    Project Reports

    Tip Head Maintenance

    Tip Head Kalgoorlie

    Haul Road Maintenance

    Haul Road Argyle

    Haul Road Dawson Mine

    Capping Layer on Waste

    Capping Layer Emerald

    Proof Rolling Tailings Dam

    Proof Rolling Lawn Hill


    Technical Papers


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    Rolling Dynamic Compaction / Impact Rolling

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    Trials / Testing / Research

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