30 Years Plant Life

September 28, 2020

The Yorke Peninsula has forever provided a seaside retreat for city dwellers. Just a few hours from Adelaide it hosts abundant costal holiday destinations, and is one of the most productive agricultural corridors in the country. That equals plenty of gravel road usage through the warmer months. 

Yorke Peninsula Council have recently renewed their Broons Combination Roller, after their original BH-1830 was delivered in 1986. That’s an impressive 34 years of service for council and its rate payers, with minimal running costs through the decades. While many of the features and options have changed in that time, its still proof that no other form of gravel road maintenance is as cost effective as the BH-1830 Combination Roller. With the recent arrival of their new disc braked roller, tourist beach access and harvest routs will be secured until 2054! 


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