Graderoll Mono Roller

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    The highly efficient Graderoll Mono is our modern redesign of an old favourite – the ripper mounted multi-tyre roller.  Thicker gauge steel prevents any bending of the chassis while our secure coupling system prevents any unwanted flex in the ripper pockets. Elimination of daily maintenance via self lubricating pivot points, and no wheel greasing make the Graderoll a supreme grader mounted roller.  


    Affordability and efficiency has always been the hallmark of grader mounted rollers, where one operator can perform all maintenance grading tasks.  

    Matched to all modern Caterpillar, John Deere and Komatsu graders, options include a Roll Control electronic float and braking system (CAT M Series), manual brake control system, LED brake/indicator lights and solid filled tyres.

    The newly designed Rip n’ Roll Tilt attachment retracts the roller to allow easy ripping of the pavement without having to detach the roller. The most cost effective roller on the market today.




    Operating Weight1,950kg
    Solid Filled Tyre Weight520kg
    Static Weight per Tyre195kg
    Compaction Width - Tyres2075mm
    Number of Tyres10

    Optional Extras

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    Ensure the most secure breaking with our Manual control system. With a visual pressure gauge for the operator, it immediately releases ripper pressure with any brake application.
    If you want to keep ripping the pavement with your scarifiers without removing the Graderoll roller, our Tilt attachment is the perfect option. Hydraulically controlled from the cabin, simply retract the roller upwards and then proceed to lower the rippers into the pavement knowing you have clearance.  
    For Caterpillar M Series graders our integrated Roll Control System console allows for an adjustable 'float' giving 100% even compaction over the pavement. Not only will it follow the undulations in the pavement, as soon as you touch the brake the Roll Control System immediately releases the ripper pressure ensuring no weight has been taken off rear braking wheels. Smart and safe.     
    Replace all ten inflatable tyres with our optional solid filled set to avoid costly puncture stoppages.
    To relocate the convenience of a ripper hitch, you can option our recovery hitch.
    Minimise the build up of dirt and mud with the adjustable Tyre Scraper.
    Bright and hard wearing LED brake and indicator lights.