Box Grader Blade

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    Clean up haul roads and tip heads with the practical and efficient Box Grader Blade



    Broons Box Grader Blade complements the work of their ‘square’ Impact Roller in mining applications to reduce tyre damage. The blade is intended for cleaning up operations and is used to remove loose rock from haul roads and tip heads in lieu of running with a loader or more expensive grader which can be put to better use.

    Fitted with a secure ball coupling, the Box Grader Blade has a hydraulically adjustable drawbar and adjustable rear axle height. At close to 7 metres in width, the blade features a standard CAT 16M cutting edge with an extension wing on the left side to ensure rocks are channelled in to the main body of the unit, and make it ideal for tidying up along windrows. 

    As with all Broons equipment, safety of operation and ease of maintenance is foremost in the minds of the Broons’ design engineers. The Box Grader Blade needs only minimal routine maintenance. 

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